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The information on this website relating to the Company’s past returns is not a guarantee of its future returns. As unit values may grow or fall, future returns can either be higher or lower than past returns. Due to adverse trends in financial instrument prices and currencies, there is a likelihood that an investor may not be repaid all the assets they invest in a subfund’s investment coupons or investment company shares during the saving period. Investing in the Umbrella Fund’s subfunds or investment company shares is not a banking service and is therefore not included in the deposit-guarantee schemes of banks and savings banks.

KD Funds, LLC, is a member of the Slovenian Investment Fund Association. Its business activities are carried out in accordance with the Investment Funds and Management Companies Act, the Financial Instruments Market Act, regulations passed on their bases and all other applicable legislation. Regular supervision is conducted by the Securities Market Agency of the Republic of Slovenia and auditors.
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In no instance can any information about specific financial instruments or products contained on this website replace the seeking of professional advice, instructions or recommendations about an investment decision on the part of a website visitor; becoming aware of all forms of risk connected with investing in the Umbrella Fund’s subfunds is a precondition for making appropriate investment decisions. It is important that you do not make investment decisions solely on the basis of published information, but consult certified experts in various appropriate fields.

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